SINA Collaborates with specific organizations to sponsor or fund specific programs.

The Analeh Show (El Show de Analeh)

SINA in collaboration with Billings Forge Community Works and El Show de Analeh, with financial support provided by Hartford Hospital and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, developed the Revolución de Nutrición show. The cooking show is geared to healthy Latino cooking in the effort to decrease the risk of diabetes for Latinos in the Hartford Area. Read More…


Hartford Public Schools

SINA have worked closely with Hartford Public Schools for multiple projects, some included:

Hartford Performs
SINA’s Internet & Graphic Arts Assistant, Linda Valentin designed and developed the Hartford Performs website; a project through SINA’s Community Partner Back Office.

– Hartford Public Schools’ Annual Citywide Science Fair
SINA has sponsored the Hartford Public Schools Annual Citywide Science Fair since 2009. Read more…