Community success depends on a strong infrastructure. Home ownership and safe affordable rental housing are a cornerstone for achieving a sustainable neighborhood stability strategy. SINA provides such opportunities to neighborhood residents and those families and individuals that choose to reside in the Southside of Hartford, Connecticut. SINA has witnessed first-hand the enormous need for safe and affordable housing and considers its activities with statewide advocacy groups as critical to ensuring that the gains the organization has made in Hartford are safe guard for the foreseeable future.

To view our past and current housing projects please visit the Neighborhood Map.

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In May 2012 the MetroHartford Alliance unveiled The Homeownership Incentive Program (HIP) to provide financial incentives to employees of the largest Hartford businesses and institutions who purchase a home in Hartford. All members,  Hartford Hospital, Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, and Trinity College launched HIP by offering five $10,000 grants to their employees who aspire to become homebuyers. Awards to qualified applicants are given out on a first-come, first-served basis. The grant is totally forgiven after five years of continued occupancy in the purchased home and employment with the member institution.