The Southside Institutions Neighborhood Alliance (SINA) is a partnership between Connecticut Children’s Medical Center, Hartford Hospital and Trinity College.

SINA’s mission is to work cooperatively with community stakeholders to restore economic vitality and improve the quality of life for the benefit of the people who live, work, visit, study, and play in the neighborhoods of South Central Hartford.


The 2013 strategic plan is the result of a three year process that began with a strategic visioning process in 2011 and culminated in a board and staff priority setting process in the summer of 2013. The plan synthesizes the concerns, perspectives and ideas of more than 30 community stakeholders including community partners, policy-makers and funders.

Based on this thorough and inclusive process SINA has established five strategic goals to guide its actions for the next three to five years:

1) Play a leadership role in neighborhood renewal and stabilization by improving available housing stock, promoting access to housing, and developing affordable homeownership opportunities

2) Work in partnership with other organizations to improve public safety, education, and health outcomes for community residents

3) Advocate for and catalyze new investments, business creation, and workforce development in the neighborhoods of south central Hartford

4) Expand awareness of SINA’s mission, impact, and priorities in the community, among key stakeholders in Hartford, and within the SINA institutions themselves

5) Develop organizational capacity within SINA and strategically support neighborhood-based organizations in order to accelerate and sustain mission-related progress

These goals reflect the widely shared view that SINA should continue its current programming to promote community revitalization but that it should pursue additional goals and strategies to respond to changing neighborhood conditions and stakeholder priorities. The areas identified as needing new program initiatives or renewed commitment and energy are community engagement, economic development, communications, and more integrated engagement with staff in SINA’s partner institutions.